Monday, September 28, 2009

21st Century Learning Google Videos

Of special mention is 3:46 into the video...

Googley Advice to Students: Major in Learning

Among the list of qualities Google and other companies are looking for:

.... communication skills. Marshalling and understanding the available evidence isn't useful unless you can effectively communicate your conclusions.

.... team players. Virtually every project at Google is run by a small team. People need to work well together and perform up to the team's expectations.

CISCO's 21st Century Trends for Higher Education

Cisco's trends for 21st Century Higher Education include Evergreen Students, Globalization, and Collaboration

Inter-Institutional Collaborations

-Teaching Partnerships
-UIS/CSU/NEIU Higher Education Grant
-Lesley University (Mimi Gilman and Maureen Yoder)
-NCLC Faculty Development
-NCLC Library Development

UIS Classroom Collaborations

Student Attendance
Duel Sections
Blended Classes
Online Classes

Bridging Collaborations

~HLC Student Forums
~Global Studies World Food Day October 16, 2009
Elluminate conference for World Food Day – discussing the concerns of the global food crisis on and off campus.

Student Services Collaborations

~Enrollment and Recruitment Meetings
~Career Services Networking Events-including "speed dating"
~Career Services Project Success Fashion Show
~University of Illinois Springfield Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) Speakers Series